Correctional Facility Closures, Watertown Correctional Facility

  • Project Type

    Vertical Construction Inspection & Management

  • Date


  • Location

    Town of Watertown, Jefferson County, NY

  • Role

    Work Performed:
    Winterization of Physical Plant for Shutdown
    Alarm System Disconnection
    Storm, Sewer Drain and Septic Cleanout
    Deactivating Fire Hydrants
    Boarding up Windows and Doors

The Watertown Correctional Facility was selected for closure resulting from the New York State Department of Corrections’ evaluation of correctional facilities statewide in response to the declining number of incarcerated people in the state, currently at the lowest level in 30 years.

Prudent Engineering, LLP provided two Senior Inspectors to provide construction management services for the Watertown Correctional Facility Closure. Tasks included pre-planning with NYS OGS Engineer-in-Charge (EIC); coordinating and monitoring the progress of the civil, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing contractors on all activities per the approved schedule to meet the milestones for closure of this facility; assisting the EIC with schedule updates; and attending monthly schedule update meetings. Prudent’s Inspectors attended bi-weekly job meetings with OGS, Department of Corrections and Community Services (DOCCS), Designer of Record, and all contractors and coordinated with the EIC and Designer of Record on issues identified in the field, resulting in changes to the work and contract drawings.
Prudent’s Inspectors conducted inspections on all trades to assure compliance with the contract documents. Deliverables included daily field inspection reports which were uploaded to OGS’s Submittal Exchange System and photographs of work which were uploaded to Submittal Exchange System. Additionally, they ensured that contractors were wearing their personal protection equipment (PPE) as required by their approved Safety Plans at all times during work activities; completed the red line as-builts mark ups on contract drawings submitted to the Designer of Record; and completed the red edits to the Facility Closure Plan.