• Project Type

    Bridge & Structural Condition Inspection

  • Date

    April 2023

  • Location

    Ogdensburg, New York

  • Role

    In-depth Condition Inspection
    Developed Condition Reports

Fee: $5.3K

The Ogdensburg-Precott International Bridge is a 1.5-mile suspension bridge connecting northern New York State and Canada. The bridge was completed in 1960 and is the newest bridge crossing over the St. Lawrence River and St. Lawrence Seaway Systems.

Prudent Engineering’s staff contributed to the examination of all bridge components above ground and water, including structural metalwork, paint cover, sidewalks, roadway, substructure concrete, stone masonry and expansion dams. Additionally, visible portions of the main cables, anchorages and suspenders, roadway, and navigation lighting systems were examined.

The inspection was performed in accordance with current guidelines of the National Bridge Inspection Standards and the New York State Department of Transportation.

A final report was prepared to document the findings of the in-depth inspection. In addition to the written descriptions, the report contained scaled drawings with the areas of deterioration outlined as well as photos documenting the extent of erosion and other damages. The submission of this final report included specific recommendations for rehabilitation.